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Blue Water
  • Freedom Prep & Ship's processing time is 24-48 hours from the time we receive your items and an approved shipping plan. An additional 24 hours may be needed during peak holiday season (October-December).

  • Shipping plans can be created by Freedom Prep & Ship, or you, and will be approved by us both. 

  • You are responsible for tracking your items from your facility to ours. We are not liable for tracking inventory, or damage that may occur, prior to us receiving  it into our possession. 

  • Inventory Lab is required and we have a ONE TIME registration fee of $25.00

  •  Invoices will be sent same day your items are shipped to Amazon Distribution, and are due upon receipt. Additional fees may be applied if not paid within 24 hours.

  • Freedom Prep & Ship reserves the right to hold on to inventory for any unpaid invoices. 

  • We will only respond to clients and other inquires during posted business hours. 

  • All damaged items will be destroyed after 30 days if Freedom Prep & Ship does not receive any directives via email from you the client on what to do with the inventory. 

  • All extra items left in Freedom Prep & Ship's possession will be destroyed after 60 days if we do not receive a directive via email from you. 

  • If there are any removals from Amazon that do not have your name on them, Freedom Prep & Ship will promptly destroy them. 

  • Freedom Prep & Ship will provide our fee reimbursements to you for items that have been mislabeled by our facility. We require that the items are sent back to Freedom Prep & Ship, and we will provide pictures of the mislabeled items via email to our client. Should the items not be mislabeled and Amazon is at fault, Freedom Prep & Ship will not provide any fee reimbursements.  

  • Freedom Prep & Ship will not disclose any of our client's information to any third party.  


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